This is an even more sophisticated 1:4 scale test boat with target speeds of around 225mph. At over 3 metres long and powered by a Lynx military drone jet engine this is something that requires autonomous control systems to be developed since manual control is not possible at those speeds over a course of 3+miles. It incorporates the revised air intake and 4 fully functional foils.

While the research team continue their work with QinetiQ C3.2B will use a variety of existing shapes for the test runs to collect operational data.

There is no conventional and separate rudder. Instead, the rear pair of legs that mount the foils to the hull will provide the steering. There are two sets of systems being developed, the first to control the boat, the second to collect data from a variety of sensors to tell us exactly what is happening on each test run. Engine controls (along with an abort system) also need to be integrated into a complete solution within defined size and weight limits.

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