Like BloodhoundSSC, we will be focussing on the education side of the project and making the experience and engineering available for study. The Bloodhound Education team engaged with a vast number of schools and the team were quite possibly the largest STEM programme in the UK. This generates real social value from record breaking.

Bloodhound Education has proven success of creating hi-quality engineering and enrichment activities, raising awareness of real projects and technologies, developing employer engagement and providing opportunities for real engineers to engage with students and families from a broad range of groups including those underrepresented in engineering, from disadvantaged backgrounds and with special educational needs.

These unique programmes provide students with an opportunity to put learning into practice, increased confidence in their abilities and an opportunity to develop life and work skills through team working and solving problems. 

 The impact for students is a better understanding of the topics covered, increased confidence in their abilities contributing to higher aspirations in STEM. For teachers, they provide real-life examples to integrate into their lessons, as well as giving a robust ‘toolkit’ of resources and projects which are mapped to the curriculum and enrichment targets including the Gatsby benchmarks of good career guidance. 

It also runs programmes to train and equip teachers with exciting materials and practical examples to build into their lessons.

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