PRF Composite Materials and ThrustWSH

Having run our initial smaller scale instrumented test boat to prove the concept, we now need to move on to a much larger 25% scale test boat that will operate at speeds in excess of 220mph and be fitted with even more extensive sensors and data gathering kit. Because of the speeds targeted, it will also be fully autonomous. To achieve scale weight as well as size this means the hull must strong but light.

We are delighted to let you know that PRF Composite Materials, working in conjunction with Supernatural-X, are producing that test boat for us. Their support is being announced today at the Advanced Engineering trade show at the NEC Birmingham UK. Richard and others from the ThrustWSH team will there. The PRF stand will feature a large scale model of the boat along with associated project information.

We welcome and appreciate this support and look forward to seeing the test boat run next early next year when all the data gathered will be consolidated with data from two parallel aerodynamic CFD research programs and a hydrodynamic research program. That combined data model should provide us with confirmation of our design direction as well as the expected performance envelope. But of course, the only way we can be really sure is to build the full size boat and run it.

To find out about PRF Composite Materials and Supernatural-X click on this link:

PRF Composite Materials announced as material supplier to ThrustWSH

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